Research and development of an advanced personal load carriage measurement system: Phases IV. Section A: Executive summary - measurement systems for assessment of personal load carriage


  1. Stevenson, J.
  2. Bryant, T.
  3. Morin, E.
  4. Pelot, R.P.
  5. Reid, S.
  6. Doan, J.E.
Corporate Authors
Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN);Queen's Univ, Kingston ONT (CAN) Ergonomics Research Group
The Defence and Civil Institute of Environmental Medicine (DCIEM) contracted Queen's University to assist in the research and development of an Advanced Personal Load Carriage System (APLCS) in support of two Canadian Forces Soldier Modernization Programs: major crown project D6378 called Integrative Protective Clothing and Equipment (IPCE), and major crown project L2646 called Clothe the Soldier (CTS) Project. In 1995, Queen's University undertook to develop standardized assessment tools as a cost effective and reliable method by which various load carriage equipment designs and components could be tested, evaluated and approved for further military evaluations with representative users in the field. Under the IPCE project, Phase I-III involvement primarily development and validation of the measurement system. Further testing took place to evaluate and improve the prototype CTS load carriage system, and to the research data base and enhance knowledge of pack designs. Each of these projects will be described briefly with relevant outcomes identified. The current contract entitled: Research and Development of an Advanced Personal Load Carriage Measurement System: Phase IV was to improve measurement components and provide sole source ownership to DCIEM, and to develop a futher understanding of specific factors that affect load carriage ability. TRUNCATED
Advanced Personal Load Carriage System (APLCS);Load carriage;Rucksacks;Ergonomics;Biomechanical models;Load optimization
Report Number
DCIEM-CR-2001-135 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
01 Dec 1998
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