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  1. Williams, C.
  2. Seymour, M.
  3. Horn, T.
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Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN);Vantage Point International Inc, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
THis document describes the software design for D-SAFIRE as part of contract W7714-0-0366. The purpose of the project is to migrate the existing high fidelity radar simulation program. SAFIRE, to an HLA compliant program, D-SAFIRE, which can then operate as part of a distributed simulation. D-SAFIRE will then be used as part of an air Crewstation Demonstrator for the CF-18. This document begins with an examination of the requirements for the project. This section breask down the requirements into four areas. These areas are the requirements for the User Interface, RTI communications, Modifications to SAFIRE and Testing. As part of the requirements three conceptual models are presented as an aid to understanding the components of the required system and what is outside the scope of the system. The Aircraft conceptual model describes how the aircraft components and attributes are related. The conceptual model of the RTI communication illustrates the communication between the distributed components. The conceptual model of SAFIRE and D-SAFIRE shows the delineation between the software components of programs. The final part of the requirements section is a description of some Use Cases. These Use Cases are meant to illustrate the various circumstances and events that will occur for D-SAFIRE. The software design section analyses each of the requirements and provides solutions to meet them. TRUNCATED
CF-18 aircraft;Distributed simulation;High Level architecture;Simulator for Advanced Fighter Radar ECCM (SAFIRE)
Report Number
DREO-CR-2001-066 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
01 Jun 2001
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