Extreme cold/cold wet weather clothing. Army trial


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Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN);Humansystems Inc, Milton ONT (CAN)
This report details the results of a field trial comparing two versions of a prototype clothing system for extreme cold, cold wet weather with in service clothing. The prototype was developed by DREO (Defence Research Establishment Ottawa (DREO). The two versions of the prototype used in the trial were identical with the exception that Version B had more insulation in the outer layer (Parka and Overalls) and the outer fabric shell of the middle and outer layers were constructed of a different fabric. The trial was carried out over the period January to May 1992. Four units were selected for the trial: 1CER at CFB Chilliwack, 1PPCL1 at CFB Calgary, 3RCHA at CFB Shilo, 2PPCLI at CFB Winnipeg. Within each major unit one entire sub unit (platoon or troop) was selected plus a cross section of other elements in that unit. Selection was designed to ensure that both tactical and support roles such as vehicle maintenance were included. Participants were issued either one of the prototype versions or a new set of equivalent in-service clothing. The total sample size was 325 personnel. Participants recorded their experiences with the clothing in pocket diaries which were carried during training, and in questionnaires which were completed during visits to the units after major training periods. TRUNCATED
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DCIEM-CR-2001-124 — Contractor Report
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30 Oct 1992
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