Field trial evaluation of the 82 pattern and 94 prototype rucksacks


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Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN);Humansystems Inc, Milton ONT (CAN)
This field trial compared the in-service 82 pattern rucksack with the DACME 94 prototype replacement. The field trial was conducted between August 11 to 31st 1994 at CFB Gagetown and used 20 infantry personnel, mainly drawn from the pioneer platoon of 2 RCR. Following familiarization training, the trial comprised four parts. + Briefing, relevant anthropometric measurements, and initial rucksack fitting. + Four 10 km marches on successive days: two with each rucksack. Each rucksack. Each rucksack was used once with webbing worn normally around the waist (i.e. under the rucksack) and once with webbing slung on top of the rucksack. Each march took a standard route across varied terrain. Weather conditions for each march were warm and sunny. Following every march, participants completed a standard questionnaire to rate the features of the rucksack they used. + Fifteen standardised rucksack related and operational tasks such as assembly and quick release in different clothing conditions; obstacle crossing and weapon handling. After each task participants and observers related the rucksack for that task. + Focus groups. At the completion of the trial, participants met to discuss the rucksacks feature by feature and to complete a final exit questionnaire. Each focus group lasted three hours and followed a standard agenda. TRUNCATED
Rucksacks;Load carriage;Ergonomics;Load optimization;Back (anatomy)
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DCIEM-CR-2001-103 — Contractor Report
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31 Oct 1994
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