Submarine structural analysis suite SubSAS Phase 1


  1. Pegg, N.G.
  2. Heath, D.C.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
This technical memorandum describes the current development of, and future plans for, a common user interface which is being used to unite a suite of submarine structural analysis programs. The project is making use of object-oriented programming through DREA's HOOD TK (Hierarchical Object Oriented Developers Tool Kit) for the development and use of 'smart-object-models' (SOM) for submarine structure. The program allows the user to quickly generate a common database of axisymmetric and 3D pressure hull geometry SOMs. Pressure hull analysis programs will consist of linear axisymmetric analysis, analytical design-type equations, and linear and nonlinear 3D finite element analysis. The SOMs will have the ability to directly and quickly create appropriate input for these different analysis packages from the common pressure hull geometry database. A set of model checking and result visualization tools are also being developed to visualize buckling and vibration eigenvalues and mode shapes, displacements and stress contours. This submarine structural analysis suite (SubSAS) will give engineers a tool for rapidly developing models and storing data for various types of analysis which may be required for design, acquisition and through-life support of submarines.

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Object oriented programming;Submarine structures;SubSAS (Submarine Structural Analysis Suite)
Report Number
DREA-TM-2001-025 — Technical Memorandum
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01 Mar 2001
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