Global shoreline mapping from an airborne polarimetric SAR: Assessment for RADARSAT 2 polarimetric modes


  1. Yeremy, M.L.
  2. Beaudoin, A.
  3. Beaudoin, J.D.
  4. Walter, G.M.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
A project between two agencies, the Defence Research Establishment Ottawa (DREO), Canada and the National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA), USA, was initiated in 1998 to study shoreline extraction from imagery. NIMA's investigation involved Landsat imagery while DREO researched Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) applications with an emphasis on RADARSAT products. The focus of this report is the extraction of shorelines from polarimetric SAR imagery in preparation for the launch of RADARSAT 2 scheduled for November, 2003. The desired shoreline vector product, for this project, is the Mean High Water Line (MHWL). This specification implies that further consideration of tidal models are required. For extracting MHWL estimates from imagery, tidal models must be referenced to surveyed positions with good elevation accuracy. Therefore, in addition to radar considerations, geomatics, topographic and oceanographic issues are included in this study. With sufficient tide and shore topography information, an image extracted waterline estimate can be improved to a MHWL. Polarimetric SAR image data, with attributes similar to the future RADARSAT 2 specifications, were acquired from an airborne platform and exploited here to extract shorelines. Classification methods were used to detect the shoreline region. Contrast enhancement methods were implemented to emphasize the shoreline edge. TRUNCATED

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RADARSAT 2;Image quality;Polarimetric techniques;Radar imagery;Shoreline vector extraction;Global shoreline project;Image extraction;Image detection;Image classification;Polarimetric SAR image data;C-Band SAR;Wishart distribution;Decomposition methods;Topographic slope extraction;Polarimetric filters;Cameron;Huynen;Cloude;Pottier;Lee
Report Number
DREO-TR-2001-056 — Technical Report
Date of publication
01 Nov 2001
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