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  1. Calnan, C.
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Defence Research Establishment Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN);XWave, Halifax NS (CAN)
Over the years a not inconsiderable amount of IDL code has been written to perform data analysis and to produce graphic output. However, the vast majority of the IDL code has been written almost in isolation, with the various programmers generally working with little contact with one another. The result is that the same programs or functions are continually being rewritten as programmers are unaware that programs that they working on have already been written. To circumvent this duplication of effort a contract was awarded to produce a library of IDL code. After consultation with various IDL programmers and considering the options, it was decided to make the library available via the DREA Intranet, and searchable in a number of ways. This was done. Creating a library, however, is only the start of the process. The ongoing work involved with any library is maintenance, wherein the contents are kept up to date and new entries are made accessible to users as soon as possible. This manual describes the tasks required of an IDL Librarian in order to keep the library current.

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Data analysis;Data file formats;Data manipulation;Graphic packages;IDL routine;Child processes;Computer programs (IDL);Interactive modeling;Interface Definition Language (IDL)
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DREA-CR-2000-167 — Contractor Report
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01 Sep 2001
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