The Importance of Values Research for Strategic HR in the Canadian Forces


  1. Norton, S.
  2. McKee, B.
Corporate Authors
Operational Research Div, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Directorate CORP
The paper examines the utility of social values research for the Canadian Forces, but raises issues that have broad applicability to almost any organisation from the perspective of human resources strategy. The ability to understand values and their usefulness in strategic HR planning, is often hampered by the lack of clarity in the definition of the concept, and confusion that often exists between values and other widely used concepts like attitudes, morals, ethics, and military ethos. Thus, a goal of the paper is to restore value to the often misinterpreted and misused concept of "social values". After addressing the meaning of perception and some misperception about values and other core concepts, the paper proceeds to identify key reasons why the military, and other organisations might prefer to study values; and, highlight related research that has been completed by DND/CF over the past twenty years. The concluding section of the paper briefly identifies some research gaps and outlines several research questions relating to values and the Canadian Forces that can be addressed by way of future research.
Social values;Military values;Canadian Forces;Morals;Military ethos;Corporate culture;Performance (Human);Personnel retention;Attitudes (Psychology)
Report Number
ORD-DOR(CORP)-RN-09-01 — Research Note
Date of publication
01 Dec 2001
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