Ejection clearance in the CF-188 aircraft


  1. Meunier, P.
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Defence and Civil Inst of Environmental Medicine, Downsview ONT (CAN)
An ejection clearance trial was performed on the CF188 to determine the longest buttock-knee length that can eject without hitting the aircraft structure. Nine large subjects (pilots) ranging from 63rd to 99.9-percentile buttock-knee length were recruited for the study. The tests were carried out both in summer and winter flying clothing using the current Simplified Combined Harness (SCH) and the US Air Force Torso Harness (TH), which required a modified seat. Although the study was not designed to assess shin clearance, the preliminary indication is that shin clearance to the main instrument panel is rather limited. Some of the individuals tested had little or no clearance in winter clothing. The glareshield was found to be the limiting factor upon ejection, followed by the DDI. However, since the glareshield is quite flimsy it does not appear likely to cause knee injury during ejection. Nevertleless, with the current harness (SCH), buttock-knee lengths up to the CF aircrew selection limit of 673 mm (99th percentile) will clear the glareshield. This limit may be increased somewhat (proportional to 12 mm) if the glareshield is deemed to be non-hazardous. TRUNCATED

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SCH Simplified Combined Harness);Torso harness;Cockpit accommodation;CF188
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DCIEM-TM-2001-136 — Technical Memorandum
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01 Aug 2001
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