Development of autonomous associative memory in recurrent neural networks


  1. Potapov, A.B.
  2. Andrecut, M.D.
  3. Tan, Z.
  4. Ali, M.K.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN);Lethbridge Univ, Lethbridge ALTA (CAN) Dept of Physics
In this booklet, we present the work performed during 1 July 1999 - 30 June 2001 with financial support from Defence Research Establishment Suffield (DRES) under R&D contract numbers W7702-8-R745/001/EDM and W7702-9-R769/001/EDM. The project tile was "Development of Autonomous Associative Memory in Recurrent Neural Networks: Part I (Survey and Test) and Part II (Development and Demonstration)". Professor M. Keramat Ali (Principal Investigator), Dr. Zuguo Tan (Research Associate, July 1, 1999 - June 30, 2000), Dr. Alexei B Potapov (Research Associate, October 15, 1999 - June 30, 2001), and Dr. Mircea Andrecut (Research Associate, May 25, 2000 - June 30 2001) have contributed to this work. All the contributors are experienced physicists. This project was a natural extension of an earlier work (contract number W7702-6-R607/A) that was funded by DRES and complete during 1997-1999. Although there has been a phenomenal growth of interest in neural networks, artificial intelligence and robotics, their treatment has remained rather ad hoc. History supports that an essential component of sustainable progress is to put the rudimentary and fragmented developments on firm general footing. During the last two years, we treated the foundational and applied aspects of our work from a broader perspective. We had to remain vigilant about the impact that advances in other fields would have on our work.
Chaotic systems;Machine intelligence;Machine training;Neural networks
Report Number
DRES-CR-2001-133 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
01 Sep 2001
Number of Pages
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