Reconfigurable digital IIR and FIR filters


  1. Gosselin, B.
  2. Wilcox, C.
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Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
The work presented in this document contributes to the ROBR (Reconfigurable Omni Band Radio) project started by the Defence Research Establishment Ottawa and the Communication Research Centre in 1997. ROBR is a testbed implementation of a reconfigurable satellite communications (satcom) terminal that makes use of a software communications architecture. Such a system can enable the use of a single ground terminal to communicate over multiple satellite communications or terrestrial links by supporting multiple standards. The ROBR hardware architecture includes a microprocessor and several digital filters for use in the ROBR. Five infinite impulse response (IIR) filtering modules and four finite impulse response (FIR) filtering modules have been implemented. The function of these modules is to compute the coefficients of a desired filter design. Also, IIR and FIR signal processing modules have been implemented to process digital signals using the computed coefficients. The modules have been implemented in the C programming language and are targeted for use on a DSP chip. The implementation of the modules has been verified and compared with the results obtained with the Signal Processing toolbox from MATLAB.

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Digital signal processing;Digital filters;IIR (Infinite Impulse Response) filters;FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filters;Reconfigurable filters;Filter coefficients;ROBR (Reconfigurable Omni Band Radio)
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DREO-TR-2001-099 — Technical Report
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01 Nov 2001
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