Indoor Evaluation of Salomon Surfsuits


  1. Davies, S.J.
  2. Ducharme, M.B.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
Salomon's Advanced Research Clothing Division contracted DCIEM to assist in development and evaluation of technical surfsuits by defining the thermal insulation properties of surfsuit prototypes and the main heat loss areas during simulated surfing activity. Thermal characteristics will be evaluated by Salomon to design future surfsuits with different insulations according to heat storage and surfing activities. DCIEM tested three prototype surfing wetsuits for thermal characteristics in two water temperatures. Each surfsuit differed in amount and location of insulation, which would affect their capacity to retain heat. Four male subjects volunteered to test six conditions between August and December 2001. Each condition included one of two water temperatures (13C and 18C) and one of three surfsuits during simulated surf activities. After 2 minutes of floating rest, subjects experienced 120 minutes exposure of which 72 minutes were prone arm paddling on a tethered surfboard, 24 minutes were treading water and 24 minutes were immersed rest. Arm paddling metabolic rates averaged 5.64 times rest values. Sweat accumulation was never a concern. Surfsuit fit and water movement inside the surfsuit were considered important comfort factors. TRUNCATED

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Thermal protection;Immersion suits
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DRDC-TORONTO-ECR-2002-014 — External Client Report
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01 Apr 2002
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