Loci of Signal Probability Effects and of the Attentional Blink Bottleneck


  1. Crebolder, J.M.
  2. Jolicoeur, P.
  3. McIlwaine, J.D.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN)
To investigate the locus of signal probability effects and the influence of stimulus quality on this locus, the authors manipulated probability in Task 2 of a psychological refractory period (PRP) paradigm. The effect was additive with stimulus onset asynchrony (SOA) when the target was not masked but underadditive with decreasing SOA when the target was masked. Even with masking, however, a range of probabilities had effects additive with SOA. The results suggest loci of stimulus probability before the PRP bottleneck as well as at or after the bottleneck. A second issue addressed was the locus of interference in the attentional blink (AB). The AB was larger when the probability of the first of 2 targets was lower. The results lead to the conclusion that one cause of the AB effect is a locus at least as late as the PRP bottleneck.
Report Number
DRDC-TORONTO-SL-2001-168 — Reprint
Date of publication
02 Apr 2002
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Reprinted from
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, vol 28, no 3, 2002, p 695-716
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