STK/MATLAB Planning Tools (SMPT) Package for Efficient Programming


  1. Chan, J.
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Operational Research Div, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Directorate of Operational Research (Joint)
Satellite Tool Kit (STK) is a sophisticated software tool for modelling and analyzing a wide variety of scenarios involving satellites, sensors, mobile vehicles and stationary facilities. Using the STK/Connect module, the capability of STK can be expanded considerably through the use of MATLAB to perform, for example, trade space analysis studies. By executing some MATLAB routines many times (through a while- or for-loop) with slightly different instructions, a larger number of scenarios can be generated for analysis. Although the STK/Connect module for MATLAB provides some useful MATLAB functions for building a scenario, they are limited to basic operations. This work describes a new set of MATLAB functions that simplify scenario development and provide the ability to model some common military activities. Examples of these activities would be specifying aircraft search patterns or instructing one vehicle to chase another. The paper also introduces a common framework in MATLAB that can be used to reduce the complexity of large STK scenario development efforts. The MATLAB functions described in this paper are provided to the readers on a CD. They are offered to the military OR community to aid in the development and analyses of military scenarios using STK. Ideally, the user community will further validate the utility of these functions and perhaps add to this library of functions.
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ORD-DOR(JOINT)-RN-2002-05 — Research Note
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01 Nov 2002
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