GB Toxicity in Mice Exposed for 20 to 720 Min


  1. Bide, R.W.
  2. Risk, D.J.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN)
Most of the historical data for the toxicity of GB was collected for exposure time <10 min in attempts to establish the utility of and defence against this agent in offensive front line use. However, information concerning the toxicity of GB (and other nerve agents) from longer exposures of one to twelve hours is critical for personnel functioning for long periods in collective protection, for flight crew waiting for action in areas of low level contamination, for aircrew transporting previously contaminated material in cargo bays, for hospital staff who must work with contaminated victims and finally for all personnel that have been attacked, are dressed in Individual Protective Equipment and need to know when, and if, it is safe to take off these cumbersome garments. The data presented for the toxicity of GB to mice for exposures of 20 min to 12 hours are intended to form part of an international, collaborative, multi-species effort aimed at establishing toxicity estimates for humans for these longer exposure times. LCt50 values of 430, 538, 899, 1209 and 2214 mg-min/m3 were obtained for mice for 20, 60, 180, 360 and 720 min exposures to GB, respectively. The 20 and 60 min data fit well with historical data for 20 sec to 30 min exposures. TRUNCATED

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DRDC-SUFFIELD-TR-2002-031 — Technical Report
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01 Oct 2002
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