Knowledge Management within the Canadian Defence Environment


  1. Waruszynski, B.T.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Directorate of Science and Technology Policy
An interactive knowledge management (KM) workshop was conducted to assess the current perceptions and future directions of KM within the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Forces (CF). The main objective of the workshop was to determine if DND/CF should be moving towards a KM strategy. The following paper documents the results of the workshop, focusing on two particular themes: (i) the current perceptions of KM, including the elements for capturing, using, sharing and reusing knowledge within DND/CF; and (ii) the future directions and implications of investing in a DND/CF KM strategy. Several key findings are put forward for understanding the application of KM to the Canadian defence environment. First, DND/CF should be moving towards a KM strategy. Second, the key enablers for fostering a KM environment within DND/CF are leadership and information management/information technology. Third, the KM strategy should incorporate both the corporate and operational environments. Fourth, working within internal and external communities is essential for communicating and networking on emerging issues in defence. Fifth, tools and technologies should be developed to promote collaboration, greater communication and access to information. Finally, the investment in people within organizations is the most important component of knowledge leveraging.

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DRDC-TM-2001-008 — Technical Memorandum
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01 Dec 2001
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