PROMAC Armour Testing. Evaluating the Effectiveness of the PROMAC BDM48 System Armour Protection Package


  1. Coley, G.G.
  2. Fall, R.W.
  3. Bergeron, D.M.
Corporate Authors
Defence Research Establishment Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN)
The ProMac BDM48 System was tested extensively by the Canadian Centre for Mine Action Technologies against inert targets during the summer of 2000. Its performance was sufficient to warrant further testing against live targets in real-world conditions. Before deploying the system to its intended test area in Thailand, a protection package was developed; early in year 2001, the protection package was tested against a series of fragmentation and blast threats. The protection package included steel, and a transparent laminate for armour, plus a special operator seat and safety harness to protect the machine operator. Measures were also taken to protect the BDM48 System host vehicle. The armour was found to resist penetration and spalling from 105mm artillery shell bursts at 3m from the armour face. The integrated system was found to protect the operator from blast, acceleration and overpressure effects up to the maximum tested threat size which was a 7kg explosive charge at 3m from the armour face. The same size charge was also placed at 5m from the armour face but directly under the BDM48 working head. Data obtained using a Hybrid III mannequin suggested that head and spine acceleration effects from all of these threats are so low as to be of virtually no concern. The vehicle protection devices also provided satisfactory levels of protection to the host vehicle.

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Vehicle protection;Vehicle response;Mechancal Reproduction Mine;ProMac BDM48;Mechanical Assistance Equipment;Area clearance;Demining;CCMAT (Canadian Centre for Mine Action Technologies);Positioning mechanisms
Report Number
DRES-TR-2001-079 — Technical Report
Date of publication
01 Dec 2001
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