Strategic Planning in ADM (HR-Mil) and Linkages with Departmental Processesl Unravelling Strategic-Level Processes, Activities and Committees.


  1. Norton, S.
Corporate Authors
Operational Research Div, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
This paper identifies ways strategic direction like that contained in Human Resources Strategy 2020 and other strategic-level activities in ADM (HR-Mil) – when aligned with higher level strategies and other departmental processes – influence the development of strategies and capabilities in the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces. In order to derive this understanding, the paper seeks, first and foremost, to describe the strategic and capability-based planning process in the Department, in terms of key strategic-level inputs, activities and outputs that characterize, and the strategic-level Committee structure that governs, this process. Unravelling the strategic and capability planning process and committee structure provides a means to identify ways strategic HR direction and activities might inform this process. Since the strategic planning process in the Department is evolving to capability planning, an understanding of the planning process and how it is changing allows this paper to further propose ways strategic planning in ADM (HR-Mil) can be changed and effectively integrated with capability planning.

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ORD-PR-2002-13 — Project Report
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01 Nov 2002
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