Identifying Future Capability Requirements: the Case of the Aerospace Capability Exercise


  1. Gongora, T.
Corporate Authors
Operational Research Div, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
This report documents the design and conduct of the Aerospace Capability Exercise (ACX), an exercise designed to map the capabilities the Air Force would require in the future. The report describes how the exercise was designed and conducted, provides an evaluation of its results, and suggests ways to improve the process and perhaps widen its application within DND/CF. The ACX demonstrated the value of conducting a capability exercise to assist in the determination of long-term capability objectives. The report notably recommends that the Air Force ensure an appropriate level of decision support to future capability assessments and adopt a format based on a series of capability assessment teams rather than a single exercise. The report also recommends that the relevance and practicality of conducting capability exercises at the DND/CF level be evaluated. Finally, the report points out that all force planning scenarios should be made available for Horizon 3 force planning and that their use by the community should be coordinated.

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ORD-PR-2002-19 — Project Report
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01 Nov 2002
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