A Brief History of the Defence Research Establishment Ottawa - 1941-2001

Bref Historique du Centre de Recherches pour la Défense Ottawa - 1941-2001


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Defence R&D Canada - Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
The history of the Defence Research Establishment Ottawa (DREO) is filled with interesting and inspiring accounts of Canadian defence research and the people who made it happen. To help celebrate its 50th anniversary in 1991, we published a history of DREO prepare by Jim Norman and Rita M. Crow. This present book, A Brief History of the Defence Research Establishment Ottawa, 1941 – 2001, complements the earlier history while bringing the story up to date. It was ably prepared by writer Suzanne Board. It is written in a highly readable style and includes anecdotes and personal stories. I hope that all our personnel, past and present, will enjoy this book and learn from it. Since this book was completed, our organization has changed its name. We are now called DRDC Ottawa, the Ottawa research center of Defence R&D Canada. We look forward to future challenges and opportunities in our technological areas of defence research. We will continue to be guided and inspired by those who have come before us. This book is a tribute to those men and women and their invaluable contributions during the first 60 years of our organization.

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01 Jun 2002
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