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Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
With a wider range of security challenges at hand, our work has never been more relevant, nor our efforts more needed. As the Canadian Forces are reshaped, both at home and abroad, we are tapping into a number of elements in our impressive science and technology portfolio. Understandably, this comes with certain costs and additional effort. For example, there have been adjustments in some of our research activities. These adjustments involve tighter deadlines to help us expedite the work of getting new technology into the hands of the Canadian Forces as quickly as possible. We continue to re-evaluate our program to ensure that it matches national priorities and we are ensuring that our investments are consistent with the needs of the Department of National Defence. This Annual Report outlines just some of our contributions in the post-September 11th environment. It also describes our ambitious research and development program, as well as our pursuit of innovative approaches to managing our organization. These qualities are vital to any responsive and forward-looking organization. One of the lessons I took from September 11th was the need to work very well together to maximize our strengths. This report shows how partnerships with industry, academia, and other government departments have become even more important. Through such collaboration, we have greater access to technology and expertise, and are able to improve our service to the Canadian Forces. Science and technology p
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27 Feb 2003
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