The Impact of Offshore Oil Operations on the Delivery of East Coast Search and Rescue Services


  1. Corbett, N.C.
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1 Canadian Air Div, Winnipeg MAN (CAN) Canadian NORAD Region
The project, summarised in this report, address the question of whether dedicated Air Force search and rescue (SAR) assets should be moved from Gander to St. John's. This move would be aimed at providing an improved response to a distress call related to the offshore oil industry. The project was sponosred by A3 SAR Readiness and was motivated by the increasing number of helicopter flights transporting personnel between St. John's Newfoundland and drilling sites, such as Hibernia, located on the Jeanne d'Arc Basin. The level of service offered by the curent SAR deployment is compared with that of a potential deployment to St. John's. This assessment is based on a variety of measures, which include incident coverage, transit and on-station times as well as monthly weather conditions. In anticipation of the arrival of the new SAR helicopter, the investigation of transit and on-station times makes use of performance specifications for the CH-149 Cormorant.

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CORA-PR-0201 —
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01 Feb 2003
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