Compilation and Analysis of Army Command Challenges


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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN);KMG Associates, Kingston ONT (CAN)
This is the final report for work done by KMG Associates (the contractor) on the Compilation and Analysis of Army Command Challenges Research Project. The project involved the identification and evaluation of Command issues that are of particular concern to the Land Force. The research methodology consisted of the contractor compiling a total of 50 descriptions of events with command challenges (CCs). From these events, 73 specific CCs were identified. These CCs were then evaluated by expert reviewers using the Pigeau and McCann theoretical framework for C2. In addition to the evaluation by expert reviewers, an analysis of major issues brought forward in the command challenges was conducted, and it was concluded that the personal attributes of commanders may play more of a role in command challenges than systemic factors. There were a number of minor problems identified with the research methodology, and these problems are now being addressed. It was concluded that the methodology of collecting and evaluating CCs is a sound method for assessing the validity of Pigeau and McCann theoretical framework for C2.

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Canadian Land Forces;Command challenges;Command issues
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DRDC-TORONTO-CR-2002-055 — Contractor Report
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01 Jun 2002
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