Knowledge Management Strategy and Framework

Stratégie et Cadre de Gestion du Savoir


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Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
Knowledge management (KM) is the strategic management of the creation and use of knowledge for increased innovation, value and excellence. The KM Strategy supports the Defence Research and Development (R&D) Canada (DRDC) vision of becoming the best in defence R&D through five objectives: - Clarifying and focusing the mission so that employees and management are able to understand the intention and prioritize their efforts; - Developing corporate information management tools and information seeking expertise as building blocks for KM; - Accessing and sharing internal expertise; - Enhancing the exchange and access to foreign defence R&D information and knowledge; and - Establishing a mutual vision for defence R&D with Canadian Forces clients. The DRDC KM Framework has four components: 1) establishing and nurturing a workplace environment that is conducive to knowledge sharing and creation, i.e., the “knowledge environment”; 2) tools and systems to access and share information and knowledge; 3) establishing and nurturing relationships for the creation and exchange of knowledge; and 4) the ability to develop the skills and expertise of employees through learning strategies.

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DRDC-CORPORATE-TN-2003-002 — Technical Note
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22 Apr 2003
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