Caractérisation des Sites de Destruction d'Explosifs, Base des Forces Aériennes de Bagotville


  1. Marois, A.
  2. Gagnon, A.
  3. Thiboutot, S.
  4. Ampleman, G.
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Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier, Valcartier QUE (CAN)
Some activities of the Canadian Forces, such as demolition procedures, disposal of surplus, obsolete, or deteriorated air weapons, explosives, ammunition and pyrotechnics by incineration or detonation present a potential for contamination by energetic materials and heavy metals to the immediate area. Considering the toxic nature of these pollutants and their possible threat to human health and the environment, a DRDC Valcartier team carried out a characterization of the explosive ordnance demolition site at CFB Bagotville. Upon the request of the Environmental Officer, Mr. Thierry Tremblay, two sites were sampled; the first one in use before 1989 and the second from 1989 until today. Fifty-five soil, 22 biomass and 2 groundwater samples were taken and analyzed for metal and energetic material contents. The results obtained show very little contamination by energetic material contents. The results obtained show very little contamination by energetic materials: only one soil sample presents a very weak concentration of RDX. No contamination by explosives was detected in groundwaters and, with regard to metals, only five samples slightly exceeded the environmental criteria in agriculture. This report provides the details of the characterization carried out at CFB Bagotville.

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Soil pollution;Energetic materials;Soil analyzer
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01 May 2003
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