Development of ELVISS Workstation - ELVISS Airborne HFE Prototype Workstation Software Integration and Test Report

Mise au Point de Poste de Travail de ELVISS - Prototype de Poste de Travail Ergonomique Aéroporté ELVISS Rapport d'Intégration Logicielle et d'Essais


  1. Neal, B.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN);CMC Electronics Inc, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
This report was prepared in support of the ELVISS Airborne HFE Prototype Workstation Project. This project was sponsored by DRDC Valcartier as part of a larger program to develop the Enhanced Low-light-level Visible and Infrared Surveillance System (ELVISS). The original Human Factors Engineering (HFE) rapid prototype, which was developed as part of an earlier tasking to CMC Electronics, used simple simulations of the sensor equipment to facilitate operator evaluation in a laboratory environment of the new Human Machine Interface (HMI). The primary objective of the current project is to convert the laboratory prototype into a flyable prototype workstation which could control the real equipment and be operated by Search And Rescue (SAR) Technicians under experimental flight test conditions. The work related to the integration of the ELVISS Airborne HFE Prototype Workstation software with the various ELVISS subsystems is documented in this report, along with the results of the Ground and Flight Test activities which were carried out to further demonstrate and evaluate the system's potential to support SAR operations.

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ELVISS;Interface design;Sensor surveillance system;Enhanced Low-Light-Level Visible and Infrared Surveillance System
Report Number
DRDC-TORONTO-CR-2002-214 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
23 Dec 2002
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Electronic Document(PDF);CD ROM

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