Implementation of Reverberation Processing and Display Software on an HP Computer


  1. Calnan, C.
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Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN);XWave, Halifax NS (CAN)
A series of programs were previously developed at SACLANTCEN and ARL/PSU to process and display reverberation data received on a towed array. Additionally, reverberation models and auxillary programs were developed at DREA and ARL/PSU to compare these predictions with the data. The resulting data files and programs had evolved over a series of sea trials and resided on a variety of computers and directories. The goal of this contract was to find and document the various pieces, and to port the data processing and display software from a DEC (Compaq) Alpha computer to a DREA HP computer. Four main tasks were performed. First, a search for the existing files and software on various computers was conducted, and a directory listing compiled, together with listings of various help files. Secondly, the software time-domain beamformer was converted to the HP, to allow byte-swapping and processing of the (large) raw hydrophone data files, and production of (smaller but still large) beamformed reverberation files in various frequency bands. Thirdly, the post-processing display software was modified to work with Matlab graphics. It had been originally implemented using Uniras graphics, and partly ported to Matlab; this contract completed the Matlab port, and added the capability to overlay bathymetric contours derived from a gridded database. Other auxillary C and Matlab procedures were written. Fourthly, the procedures had to be documented as best as possible from the various notes an

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Horizontal line arrays;Beamforming;Polar plots;Matlab graphics;Time domain;Computer programs (MATLAB)
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DRDC-ATLANTIC-CR-2002-121 — Contractor Report
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01 Jul 2002
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