Future Combat Air Operations System: Initial Assessment of Roles and Options


  1. Gongora, T.
Corporate Authors
Operational Research Div, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
This report is an initial step in the process to define the requirements for, and the nature of, the system(s) that could provide in the future the set of generic capabilities currently embodied in the CF-18. It describes the roles that a Future Combat Air Operations System (FCAOS) could perform on the basis of current CF aerospace doctrine. These roles are classified according to their contribution to the defence of Canada and North America and/or expeditionary operations. An evaluation of selected options to fulfil the homeland and expeditionary roles is then carried out. The multi-role fighter is ranked as the first option for both homeland security and expeditionary operations. The second best option for homeland security is the light fighter; for expeditionary operations it is the uninhabited combat air vehicle (UCAV). Surface-to-air missiles come third for homeland security in particular as a complement to the light fighter. For expeditionary operations many options contend for third position; but an attack helicopter would probably be the best third option. Finally, an armed uninhabited air vehicle (UAV) might be considered as an additional option for expeditionary operations if the attack role does not conflict with the primary intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance role of the UAV.

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Attack helicopter;Capability-based planning;CF-18;Future Combat Air Operations System;Future Force;New Fighter Aircraft Capability;Precision-guided munitions;Suppression of Enemy Air Defences;SEAD;Uninhabited Air Vehicle;UAV;Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicle;UCAV
Report Number
ORD-PR-2003-07 — Project Report
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01 Jun 2003
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