Defence Research and Development Annual Report 1999 - 2000

Direction de Recherche et de Développement pour la Défense 1999 -2000


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Defence Research and Development Branch, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
The second Annual Report of the Defence Research and Development Branch (DRDB), covers the Branch’s activities during fiscal year 1999/2000, a significant milestone in the evolution of the organization, being the last year of operation as a Branch within the Materiel Group of the Department of National Defence (DND). On 1 April 2000, DRDB became an Agency and Level 1 organization within DND, with the new name of Defence R&D Canada (DRDC). As Canada’s lead defence science and technology (S&T) organization, Defence R&D Canada provides S&T leadership to the Department, the Canadian Forces and the Canadian defence industrial base through the 21st century. The mission of Defence R&D Canada is to: facilitate and enhance the ability of decision makers to make informed decisions on defence policy, force generation, and procurement by providing expert S&T knowledge; contribute to the success of military operations by pursuing R&D activities that provide improved support, knowledge, protection, and response to potential threats; enhance the preparedness of the Canadian Forces by assessing technology trends, threats and opportunities, and by exploiting emerging technologies; contribute to the creation and maintenance of a Canadian defence S&T industrial capability that is internationally competitive, by contracting-out to industry, by transferring technology to industry and by entering into partnerships in which cost and risk are shared; and conduct S&T projects for clients external
Defence research - Canada;R&D Programs
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30 Dec 2000
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