The 1st Meeting of the ADM (HR-MIL) Human Resources Advisory Board, 29 - 30 Sep 2001: Recruitment of Canadian Forces Members


  1. Davis, K.D.
Corporate Authors
Directorate of Strategic Human Resources, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
In March 2001, the Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources – Military) announced the stand up of an external Human Resources Advisory Board (HRAB) to act as a forum for discussion of human resources issues in Canada, and how they may impact on the Canadian Forces (CF) today and in the future. The presentations and discussions at the first meeting of the board focused on issues related to the recruitment of CF members. Acknowledging that the CF is leading the federal government in many areas of Human Resources, the board also noted that the CF does not sell itself well. Communication with the Canadian public and across the federal government in reference to what the CF as an organization and CF members actually do, as well as ‘branding’ of the CF to strengthen communication in direct support of recruitment were identified as key areas for improvement. This report provides an overview of the meeting presentations and discussions, followed by an analysis of key ideas and recommendations for enhancing HR strategy in the CF.

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Human Resources Advisory Board;HRAB;Recruitment;Branding;HR Strategy;Recruiting strategy;Communication;Values;Leadership
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D-STRAT-HR-RN-03-2003 — Research Note
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01 Jul 2003
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