The 3rd Meeting of the ADM (HR-MIL) Human Resources Advisory Board, 30 Nov - 1 Dec 2002: The Relationship Between Work-Life Balance, Quality of Life and Compensation & Benefits


  1. Davis, K.D.
Corporate Authors
Directorate of Strategic Human Resources, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
In March 2001, the Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources – Military) announced the stand up of an external Human Resources Advisory Board (HRAB) to act as a forum for discussion of human resources issues in Canada, and how they may impact on the Canadian Forces (CF) today and in the future. The third meeting of the board, held 30 Nov - 1 Dec 02, focused on the relationship between work-life balance, quality of life, and compensation and benefits in the CF. Discussion highlighted the potential impact of the CF as a learning organization, within the knowledge economy, on compensation, benefits and rewards strategy. In addition, emphasis was placed upon the significance of internal and external consultation and communication strategies in ensuring effective access and balance across a range of rewards and benefits for CF members and their families. This report provides an overview of the meeting presentations and discussions, followed by an analysis of key ideas and recommendations for enhancing CF strategy in the development of a culture which recognizes the value of service in the CF as represented through compensation, benefits and rewards for CF members and their families.

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D-STRAT-HR-RN-05-2003 — Research Note
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01 Jul 2003
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