Strategic Planning Process - Uncertainty, Mitigation, Preparedness


  1. Verdon, J.
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Operational Research Div, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Director Strategic Human Resources
The paper examines two approaches to long-range strategic planning, namely, Uncertainty-Sensitive Strategic Planning and Scenario Development Process. An argument is made that these two approaches are not opposed; rather each can balance in a complementary way the strengths and weakness of the other. They are well suited to be integrated within an overarching strategic planning process. Furthermore, in a context of accelerating change, an integrated strategic planning process must have pre-eminence over the strategic plan. In times of turbulence, when a host of potential disruptive technologies hover on an ambiguous horizon, the key competitive advantage that an organization must develop and sustain, is its speed of 'strategic' transformation. The capacity for timely transformation is less dependent on a plan then it is on leadership's vision and the alignment and commitment of its people. An integrated strategic process, embeds strategic thinking, supports adaptive organizational learning and an aligned vision-very much like a well understood commander's intent enables responsive and agile completion of the mission.

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ORD-DSTRAT-HR-RN-09-03 — Research Note
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01 Dec 2003
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