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  1. MacKenzie, S.
  2. Romet, T.
  3. Thomas, K.
  4. Chong, A.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Ont (CAN);Consulting and Audit Canada, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
Technology Watch is a process of monitoring technologies, analyzing them, placing them in proper context and, ultimately, deciding which ones are worthy of investment. Often, this is a difficult task. Making the correct technology bets has always been a difficult problem. A Technology Watch can play a vital role to increase the probability of making decisions that have attractive outcomes.This report presents the process, and the content derived from it, for the convergence of Nanotechnology, Biotechnology, Information Technology and Cognitive Science (known as NBIC Convergence – or simply NBIC). The Technology Watch process, requisite innovation concepts, and analysis and context tools are discussed in the main section of this report. Annexes 1 and 2 provide concise analysis and context of the NBIC technologies resulting from the process. Annexes 3 and 4 present additional information on data collection. Annex 5 is a placeholder for technologies which do not meet the disruptive criteria but are nevertheless of interest (generally, sustaining technologies). The intent of this report is to provide the reader with a clearer understanding of how advances in NBIC technologies can lead to new military technologies – and why those technologies might be important to the Canadian Defence community.
DRDC (Defence Research and Development Canada);Defence R&D Canada;Emerging Trends;Technology;Technology context;Nanotechnology;Defence technologies;Commercialization potential;Nanoelectronics;Nanostructures;Biological systems;Integrated biological sytems;Investment strategy
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DRDC-CORPORATE-CR-2004-001 — Contractor Report
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01 Apr 2003
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