OP Kinetic Task Force Kosovo Quality of Life Update

État de la Qualité de la vie au Kosovo de la Force Opérationnelle Pendant l'Opération Kinetic


  1. Flemming, S.
  2. McKee, B.
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Operational Research Div, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
DQOL was tasked by DCDS/J3 Doc and Trg to conduct an evaluation of the impact of recent Quality of Life initiatives, focusing on forces currently (as of Oct 99) deployed to Kosovo and Macedonia. While DCDS initiated the tasking, the CDS originally requested the work. To accomplish this review, DQOL was instructed to seek feedback from members deployed to the CCKFOR OP KINETIC theatre, their families, personnel involved in program delivery, and the chain of command. A research program was designed to accomplish this work in two phases. The first examined the pre-deployment period and QOL in-theatre and was completed in November, 1999 through the conduct of interviews, focus groups, and the administration of a survey to personnel at all CF sites in CCKFOR. The second phase evaluated family support provided in Canada during the deployment and the effectiveness of the post-deployment re-integration period. This phase was conducted in May, 2000 through focus groups among personnel and their families. The findings of the completed project are described in this report.

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Operational stress;Quality of life
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ORD-PR-2003-19 — Project Report
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01 Dec 2003
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