Mock Urban Setting Trial: Data Analysis and Interpretation. Final Report


  1. Yee, E.
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Defence R&D Canada - Suffield, Ralston ALTA (CAN)
This report describes a comprehensive study of the statistical characteristics of concentration fluctuations in a neutrally buoyant tracer plume dispersing through a large array of building-like obstacles, each of which measured 12.2 m x 2.42 m x 2.54 m. The plumes were released both upwind and within the obstacle array for a range of source heights between 0.15 and 5.2 m. Detailed flow field and instantaneous plume concentration data were obtained from a comprehensive series of tracer experiments which utilized a large number of high-resolution concentration detectors, accompanied by the simultaneous acquisition of meteorological and turbulence measurements with sonic anemometer/thermometers. Extensive analyses are performed on the plume concentration data, and results are presented for a number of concentration statistics such as the mean plume lateral and vertical spreads, mean concentration, fluctuation intensity, peak concentration to concentration standard deviation ratio, concentration probability density function (pdf), concentration power spectra, and various concentration time and length scales of dominant motions in the array plume (e.g., integral scale, Taylor microscale). For the range of downwind distances from the source examined, the lateral mean concentration profiles are well approximated by a Gaussian distribution. The vertical profiles of mean concentration develop in a rather complex manner with downwind distance, with the result that the reflected Gaussi

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Obstacle array;Urban flow;Urban dispersion;Fast-respomnse concentration detectors;Outdoor environments;Turbulence Modelling in Urban Canopies;Urban Flow Modelling;Air flow;Atmospheric dispersion modeling;Atmospheric dispersion models
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DRDC-SUFFIELD-TR-2003-097 — Technical Report
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01 Dec 2003
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