An Analysis of the 2003 DND/CF Employment Equity and Advisory Group Workshop Evaluation and Feedback Questionnaire


  1. Holden, N.J.
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Operational Research Div, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Director Strategic Human Resources;Operational Research Div, Ottawa Ont (CAN) Director Military Gender Integration and Employment Equity
The Director Military Gender Integration and Employment Equity (DMGIEE) and the Director Diversity and Well Being (DDWB) held the Annual DND/CF Employment Equity (EE) and Advisory Group (AG) Workshop in September 2003. The focus of the Workshops was on recent developments in EE for the Canadian Forces (CF) and the Department of National Defence (DND), including policies and programs. Overall, the Workshop was a success, according to an analysis of the Evaluation and Feedback Questionnaire completed by 29% of the delegates and in general, all of the sessions presented over the three days were rated highly, with the Cultural and Religious Accommodations and the Awareness of Learning Disabilities in the CF being rated the highest. Delegates were more than satisfied with the logistics for the Workshop. The majority of delegates would like to see an EE and AG Workshop continue to be held once a year, for at least 3 days, in rotating locations across Canada, in either the spring or fall. However, a comparison to the Evaluation and Feedback Questionnaires completed in 2001 and 2002 show a continuing decline in the overall satisfaction with the EE and AG Workshop. From the results of the Evaluation and Feedback Questionnaire, it is recommended that DMGIEE and DDWB continue to hold annual workshops to discuss EE initiatives, with some modifications to the structure and agenda of the Workshop to address the concerns of the delegates at previous Workshops.

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Gender equality;Employment equity
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ORD-DSTRAT-HR-RN-03-04 — Research Note
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01 Feb 2004
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