Transformation Concepts and Technologies: DRDC Tiger Team Analysis of Transformation Implication


  1. Porter, N.
  2. Kennedy, J.L.
  3. Bridgewater, B.
  4. Fournier, G.
  5. Charlebois, D.
  6. Hales, D.
  7. D’Agostino, P.
  8. Hanna, D.
  9. Hazen, M.
  10. Salmanian, M.
  11. Hollands, J.
  12. Tikuisis, P.
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Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
The Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces are presently analysing the implications of Transformation and the future defence and security environment. Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) established two Tiger Teams in order to inform and enable that process. The teams conducted a workshop in October 2003 and then exchanged information through the use of a portal before consolidating their findings. One team analysed a variety of Transformation concepts and came to the conclusion that three influences pervaded all of the concepts. These were the issues of the role of culture, the soldier’s capability, and being networked enabled. It was felt that DRDC was only very well positioned to support the latter. The other team examined technologies that would enable Transformation in the next 30 years. It determined that directed energy systems and platforms, cyber-war technologies, new materials, and cognitive sciences would be among the disruptive technologies in the future. These are new or existing technologies used in an innovative fashion that will significantly alter established practices. The teams’ findings set the stage for further discussion of Transformation and the future science and technology environment.

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Transformation;Future Environment;Disruptive Technology;Battlefield Ready Technology;Culture;Network Centric Warfare;Effects Based Operations;DRDC (Defence Research and Development Canada);Defence research
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DRDC-CORPORATE-TR-2004-003 — Technical Report
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01 Apr 2004
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