Stress and Coping During Canadian Peacekeeping Operations and the Relationship to the Unit Climate Profile in French and English Datasets


  1. Duggan, S.J.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN);DUGGAN (Scott), Toronto Ont (CAN)
This report summarizes the work completed in contract #W771-0278118/001/TOR. The purpose of this contract was to organize the several large datasets for further statistical analysis, perform preliminary statistics, and to compare French and English versions of these datasets. A large number of datasets were received providing information about military stress and coping during peacekeeping tours. Visual analyses were conducted to determine which datasets could be used for analysis. Only the datasets that had recognizable variable labels. As with previous datasets from the Human Dimensions of Operations Project, consistent and meaningful variable labels were entered. Missing data and reverse-scored items were recoded. Descriptive analyses were run on each data set. Reliabilities were also run, to ensure the internal consistency of each scale and provide some insight as to the nature of the data. These analyses indicated that most of the scales were reliable. A correlation matrix was created to compare relevant scales and subscales as a preliminary step in subsequent statistical analyses of the datasets. Factor analyses were conducted on the “COPE” scale to determine relevant factor structures. Correlation matrices were created to compare these factors. These matrices indicated similar relationships as those found with previous datasets. Factor analyses were also conducted on the French and English version of the Unit Climate Profile for similar purposes. Again, correlation

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DRDC-TORONTO-CR-2003-114 — Contractor Report (Final)
Date of publication
20 Aug 2003
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