LOCATE Analysis of Halifax Class Frigate Ops Room


  1. Edwards, J.L.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN);Artificial Intelligence Management and Development Corp, Toronto ONT (CAN)
In support of the HFX CSS Upgrade Project, communication efficiency among Operations Room personnel on the Canadian Halifax Class Frigate was analysed using the LOCATE workspace layout design tool. A computer model of communication in the existing Ops Room was prepared in consultation with an external Subject Matter Expert and with personnel on the HMCS Vancouver Based on that model, random and existing Ops Room configurations were used as benchmarks with application of a variety of LOCATE’s optimization techniques. Comparisons to the benchmarks revealed the existing Ops Room layout to be remarkably efficient, 10-15% more than could be achieved through random placements. The inherent efficiency of the existing design resulted in a ceiling effect whereby most modifications to the layout yielded gains of only a few percentage points. The most efficient layouts based on existing personnel and equipment in the Ops Room refit in which personnel are relocated while the general form of the existing layout is preserved. Application of new display technologies to reduce obstructions in the workspace combined with relocation of personnel and approximate face-to-face positioning offer the possibility of breaking through the ceiling effect encountered in the existing design to obtain significantly greater gains in efficiency. Modelling such applications showed improvements of nearly 20%. Recommendations were made regarding future studies that could help achieve those and other gains in

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Human Engineering Tools;Workspace design;Computer programs (LOCATE);Human Factors Engineering Tools;Human modeling;Command and control centres;Halifax Class ships;ORO (Operations Room Officer);System design
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DRDC-TORONTO-CR-2003-124;AIMDC-AC240 — Contractor Report
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10 Aug 2003
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