Strategic HR Planning - Theory & Methods: A Primer on Strategic Human Resource Planning in the CF


  1. Donohue, J.J.
Corporate Authors
Operational Research Div, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Director Strategic Human Resources;Social Science Operational Research Team, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
Since the publication of DS2020 in 1999, and the corresponding human resource components (People in Defence: Beyond 2000 and HR 2020), strategic human resource planning has been an area of great interest to both D Strat HR and ADM(HR-Mil). To wit, the question has been raised, “Is our current strategic planning methodology the best tool for developing our long term strategic plans, or do better methodologies exist that we should be using?” One obstacle to overcome in addressing this question is the issue of how to compare the many different approaches to strategic planning. Since these approaches do not always share the same objectives, nor address the same issues in the same ways, to date no framework has been advanced to facilitate the comparison of approaches. In this paper, a brief history of strategic human resource planning is first offered. Next, a general model of strategic human resource planning is presented. This model is then used to explore strategic human resource planning within DND and the CF. Finally, an assessment framework to facilitate the comparison of various strategic human planning methodologies is advanced. This assessment framework may be used to guide future work in the area of comparative analysis of strategic human resource planning approaches.

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DSHR-RN-12-04 — Research Note
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01 Aug 2004
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