Protecting Our World in Uncertain Times


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Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa Ont (CAN)
Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) continues to provide research and development advice, services and products to the Canadian Forces and its missions. Through our leadership in defence science and technology, we are making a strong contribution to the present and future operational effectiveness of the Forces, thereby impacting the safety of Forces personnel and the continued quality of Canadian defence programs. In addition, DRDC is becoming more involved in public security for Canadians. We are using our expertise to enhance national capability and capacity to counter and respond to terrorist threats. By working effectively with other government departments and agencies, DRDC is helping to set in place the systems and programs that will provide enhanced safety and security for our citizens and the infrastructure that supports our way of life. I am very proud of the considerable achievement of the DRDC staff over the past year, a small part of which is reflected in this report. We have advanced the state of military science in several areas and continued to develop our reputation as a research and development agency that delivers products and advice of the best quality. It is the personal commitment and energy of our people that make our agency one of the world’s leadingedge defence science organizations. This annual report is our fourth as a special operating agency. It highlights some of our work for both defence and public security, and explains how we are
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01 Jan 2005
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