Strategic HR Planning - Theory & Methods


  1. Donohue, J.
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Operational Research Div, Ottawa ONT (CAN) Director Strategic Human Resources
In order to help make sense of an unpredictable future, strategic human resource planners within the Department of National Defence and the Canadian Forces have turned to scenario-based planning methodologies. The question has been raised, though, as to whether more appropriate strategic planning methodologies exist that could better fulfill this role. In an effort to begin answering this question, an assessment framework was developed to facilitate the comparison of various strategic planning methodologies. The purpose of the framework, and this report, is to provide human resource researchers with the information needed to determine the most appropriate methodology, given a variety of different planning situations. A secondary purpose is to provide human resource researchers with an non-exhaustive listing of strategic human resource planning methodologies that can be used, including enough information for the researcher to make an informed decision as to the appropriateness of the methodology. In total, 15 methods are reviewed here. Current trends and issues in strategic human resource planning are identified for further exploration. Future research should continue to populate the framework with methodologies appropriate for use in strategic human resource planning.

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DRDC-ORD-DSHR-TN-2005-04 — Technical Note
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31 Mar 2005
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