Survey of the State-of-the-Art on Synthetic Environments, Sensori-Motor Activities in Synthetic Environments, Simulation Frameworks and Real-World Abstraction Models


  1. Laurendeau, D.
  2. Branzan-Albu, A.
  3. Boivin, E.
  4. Drouin, R.
  5. Martel, H.
  6. Ouellet, D.
  7. Schwartz, J-M
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Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier, Valcartier QUE (CAN);Laval Univ, Quebec (Que) Computer Vision and Systems Lab
Virtual Reality (VR) has gained in popularity in many areas of activities over the last fifteen years. As is common for new fields, on the one hand, Virtual Reality has been acknowledged by many as a new area of science and engineering with a strong potential for development. On the other hand, it has also been criticized by others since it has not always lived up to its promises. One reason that can explain these mixed feelings is that Virtual Reality is not a concept that has the same meaning for all people. For some, VR is more or less associated with computer games and entertainment while, for others, it is associated with large scale military or biomedical applications. Virtual Reality is a multi-facetted field that is comprised of elements borrowed from many other fields such as simulation, software engineering, computer graphics, analog and digital electronics, psychophysics, art, etc. This reports attempts to present Virtual Reality in the most complete manner by addressing both the theoretical concepts and the technological issues that are required to acquire a better understanding of this complex field. Chapter 2 presents an overview of the semantic evolution of Virtual Reality and introduces the terminology that has been used and that is currently used in the field. The basic concepts on which Virtual Reality is based are described briefly, followed by a presentation of the essential steps that should be followed in the design of virtual environments. Finally, the
Augmented reality;Emerging technologies;Technology assessment;Virtual reality;Visualization technologies
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DRDC-VALCARTIER-CR-2003-346 — Contractor Report
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20 Aug 2003
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