Thermal Weapon Sight

  1. Bergeron, A.
  2. Jerominek, H.
  3. Lagace, F.
  4. Desnoyers, N.
  5. Doucet, M.
  6. Bernier, S.
  7. Mercier, L.
  8. Alain, C.
  9. Boucher, M-A.
  10. Jacob, M.
  11. Pope, T.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Valcartier, Valcartier QUE (CAN);Institut National d’Optique, Quebec QC (CAN)
A lightweight Thermal Weapon Sight (TWS) prototype has been developed based on uncooled bolometer technology, ultralight catadioptric, ruggedized mechanics and electronics, including onboard processing capabilities. This TWS prototype operates in a single 8-12 µm infrared (IR) band. It is equipped with a unique lightweight athermalized catadioptric objective and a bolometric IR imager with an INO 160 x 120 focal plane array (FPA) operating in a microscan mode providing an effective 320 x 240 pixel resolution. The microscan technology allows the use of a 160 x 120 FPA with a pitch of 50 µm and achieving a 320 x 240 resolution image thereby avoiding the size (larger optics) and cost (expensive IR optical components) penalties associated with the use of larger format arrays. The TWS is equipped with a miniature shutter for automatic offset calibration. Based on the operation of the FPA at 100 frames per second, real-time imaging with 320 x 240 pixel resolution at 25 frames per second is available. The TWS is equipped with a high resolution (857 x 600 pixels) OLED color microdisplay and a wireless digital RF link. The sight has an adjustable and selectable (five possible reticules) electronic reticule (crosshair) and a manual focus from 5 m to infinity. Processing capabilities are added to introduce specific functionalities such as image inversion (black hot and white hot), image enhancement, and pixel smoothing. This TWS prototype is lightweight ~1100 grams) and small (volume

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Thermal weapon sight;TWS;Ultralight catadioptric optics;Detection range;Recognition range
Report Number
DRDC-VALCARTIER-CR-2005-145 — Contractor Report
Date of publication
01 Mar 2005
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