Science for a Secure Canada: Building Capacity. Part I:Annual Report 2003-2004


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Defence Research and Development Canada, Ottawa On (CAN) Research and Technology Initiative
The Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Research and Technology Initiative (CRTI) is a $170 million, five-year program. Its mission is to strengthen Canada’s preparedness for, prevention of and response to a CBRN terrorist attack through science and technology S&T. As an example of a horizontal emergency preparedness initiative, CRTI represents the collaborative and coordinated efforts of the federal S&T community and its partners in enhancing Canada’s capability and capacity to respond to potential CBRN threats to public security.1 Launched on May 10, 2002, the first year of CRTI saw the building of communities within the federal government, academia, industry, provincial governments, foreign, and other sectors. New partnerships and networks were forged between disparate organizations, contributing to a unique, cross-organizational model and providing new opportunities for sharing and cross-disciplinary exchange of knowledge. In 2003–2004, the collective outputs of these new communities resulted in measurable gains in Canada’s CBRN response capabilities and in the expertise, knowledge, and capabilities of Canadian CBRN S&T performers. This annual report charts CRTI’s progress and critical factors contributing to its success during its second fiscal year, 2003–2004. Corollary information, including financial data, is provided in appendices to this report.
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01 Jan 2004
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