Metadata Requirements in a Multi-Layered Networked Environment

Exigences Liées aux Métadonnées dans un Environnement Réseauté Multicouches


  1. Isenor, A.W.
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Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
In future coalition operations, data assets originating from coalition partners will be made available to the broader networked community. It is expected that the ability to access networked data assets will improve the speed and accuracy of Common Operating Picture (COP) formation. However, in such a networked environment there are issues related to the discovery and utilization of data assets when a multitude of similar assets are available. Metadata will play a key role in both the discovery and utilization process. However, the metadata requirements are not common through all levels of the process. At the local level, metadata exists to support application level connection and interaction with the asset. This type of metadata may be particular to the application or in-house system. However, when the asset is exposed to the broader community, the metadata requirements change to being related to the discovery of the asset. After discovery, metadata requirements become related to the utilization of the data asset. This includes the necessary information to establish connection to the asset but also the semantic information required to understand the data being provided by the asset. This paper describes the metadata requirements for the connection of an asset to an information grid. This work focuses on Canadian efforts addressing a Technology Demonstration Project (TDP) in Networked Underwater Warfare (NUW). The NUW data model utilizes metadata efforts from the internationa

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dictionary;vocabulary;standard;Networked Underwater Warfare;NUW;client;metadata
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DRDC-ATLANTIC-SL-2005-100 — Scientific Literature
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16 May 2005
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