A Proposed Role for JCOMM in the Standardization of Data Structures and Formats - A Client's Perspective

Rôle Proposé à la JCOMM (Commission Technique Mixte pour l'Océanographie et la Météorologie Maritime) Concernant la Normalisation des Formats et des Structures de Données - Point de Vue d'un Client


  1. Renaud, W.
  2. Isenor, A.W.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
The evolution of organizational data and information requirements is now experiencing a transition from an organization-centric view to a broader community-based view. The community based view is driven in part by the enabling technology, but also by the realization that the community has many common data requirements. Groups, such as academia, scientific research, the military, and other government departments, are beginning to share data and information through web-based delivery systems. JCOMM is one example in this community of environmental data providers. This presentation will explore data exchange issues from the perspective of a client and suggest how JCOMM can influence progress towards meeting client needs. The Canadian Department of National Defence (DND) has an interest in the delivery of environmental data. DND’s Meteorological and Oceanographic centre (METOC) represents a client in both the meteorological and oceanographic realms. The METOC office supports the environmental data requirements of the Canadian fleet. While at sea, the fleet requires certain data products to properly assess the environment, for both local operational needs and destination preparation. However, present military research and development is examining the incorporation of on-ship systems that have specific data requirements. This represents a shift from the utilization of data products by operators, to direct utilization of data by systems. Ideally, such systems would utilize data so

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DRDC-ATLANTIC-SL-2005-189 — Scientific Literature
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27 Sep 2005
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