Examination of the Effect of Night Vision Devices on C7A1 Target Engagement Accuracy

Examen de l’Effet de Dispositifs de Vision Nocturne sur la Précision d’Engagement de Cible avec le Fusil C7A1


  1. Angel, H.A.
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Defence R&D Canada - Toronto, Toronto ONT (CAN);Humansystems Inc, Guelph ONT (CAN)
A four-day trial was performed at the Canadian Forces training facility in Farnham, PQ over the period of 17 to 21 August 2000. Twelve regular force infantry personnel from the 3rd Battalion 22eme Regiment were required to complete a standardized rifle night marksmanship test using monocular (AN/PVS-14), biocular (AN/PVS-7, AN/PVS-504) Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) and laser aiming aids (AN/PAQ-4C infra red (IR) and Carbine visible laser)systems during gallery range (known distance) night target engagements. with the C7A1 rifle. Engagement performance with NVGs and lasers was compared to day and night baseline performance without augmentation, engagement performance with parachute flare illumination assistance, and performance with the in-service Maxi-Kite night sight. Secondary aims of this trial included: investigation to determine if day target engagement performance with night vision devices utilizing with pinhole covers was comparable to nighttime target engagement performance; if far target engagement performance differed according to night vision goggle device (monocular versus biocular versus binocular); if night target engagement performance without NVGs could be improved with the use of a visible aiming device and if night target engagement performance with night vision devices was better than baseline nighttime target engagement performance using visible illumination (flares). Human factors tests included target engagement accuracy, user acceptance and NVG design cri

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Soldier Information Requirements Technology Demonstration Project;SIREQ TD;NVG;night vision goggles;target engagement;monocular;biocular;binocular;enhanced vision;laser;CVL;Carbine visible laser;AN/PVS-14;AN/PVS-7D;AN/PVS-504;AN/AVS-502;Maxi-Kite night sight
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DRDC-TORONTO-CR-2004-173 — Contractor Report
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01 Dec 2004
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