Measurement and Analysis of Sound Speed Dispersion During SAX04: FY05 Annual Report for Office of Naval Research Award N000140310883


  1. Osler, J.C.
  2. Hines, P.C.
Corporate Authors
Defence R&D Canada - Atlantic, Dartmouth NS (CAN)
This project is developing equipment and techniques to measure sound speed dispersion in the 1 to 10 kHz frequency band during the Office of Naval Research SAX04 experiment. Historically, it has been difficult to make these measurements below 10 kHz. As a result, there is a paucity of experimental results with large uncertainties. Measurements in this frequency band are critical as this is where the most pronounced sound speed dispersion is expected and the predictions of various sediment acoustic models differ significantly. The objectives of this project are being achieved by pursuing complementary approaches to making the sound speed dispersion measurements, including: angle of refraction; acoustic impedance; reflection loss; and time of flight techniques. Work completed in FY05 includes: participation in the SAX04 field experiment in the Gulf of Mexico; development and testing of data processing algorithms; presentation and publication of initial results at international conferences; a preliminary examination of measurement sensitivity and error analysis; application of array element localization software to refine position estimates for all sources and receivers in the water column; and refinements to the numerical model for the acoustic propagation from a point source in water into marine sediments near the critical angle, including the effects of homogeneous and inhomogeneous plane waves.

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Sediment acoustics;sound speed dispersion;impedance;vector sensors
Report Number
DRDC-ATLANTIC-ECR-2005-248 — External Client Report
Date of publication
01 Nov 2005
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