COASP and CHASP Processors for Strip-Map and Moving Target Adaptive Processing of EC CV-580 Synthetic Aperture Radar Data: Algorithms and Software Description


  1. Vachon, P.W.
  2. Dragoevic, M.V.
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Defence R&D Canada - Ottawa, Ottawa ONT (CAN)
DRDC Ottawa has been working with data from the Environment Canada (EC) CV-580 C band polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (SAR) since the late 1990’s in support of target detection and classification studies. Until recently, processing of data from this SAR system has been carried out in-house using the Polarimetrc Generalized Airborne SAR Processor (PolGASP) that was developed at the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing. As DRDC Ottawa interests began to focus on moving targets to improve Polar Epsilon maritime and land target detection and classification capabilities, PolGASP-processed data proved to be inadequate to support required downstream analyses. PolGASP uses a simple azimuth-oriented compression algorithm, fixed processing parameters over each flight line, and assumes that the target is static (i.e., not moving). Therefore, the COASP (Configurable Airborne SAR Processor) and CHASP (Chip Adaptive SAR Processor) processors have been developed to replace and augment PolGASP and to provide better focused imagery to support downstream analysis such as polarimetric decomposition of moving ship targets, ship velocity estimation, and to act as a test-bed for phase-based target detection algorithms. In this document, the COASP and CHASP processors are described from an algorithmic and software perspective. Test results for moving ship targets are presented; focus improvements are readily apparent and derived ship velocities are favourably compared with available validation

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Adaptive processing;Autofocus;EC CV-580 C-band;Moving target;SAR;SAR processor;Synthetic aperture radar;Polarimetric SAR;Polarimetric SAR image data
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DRDC-OTTAWA-TM-2006-066 — Technical Memorandum
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01 May 2006
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